Sheybluff Tavern

The Sheybluff Tavern is in the bustling centre of the city. All sorts of crowds frequent the tavern, where good food is readily available and the alcohol flows strong. You’ll find the working citizens taking a break after a long day, but also it isn’t unusual for several of the high-class to book a personal room for a meal. The ambiance is friendly and welcoming, however you should keep an eye on your coin purse, you never know what eyes are watching to a gain from the taverns crowded rooms.

Bar maid with brown hair and a cheerful smile.

Welcome to the Sheybluff Tavern! You must be freezing, since there’s such storm out there. We’ve already defrosted one young man tonight and I hope no-one else is trapped in the snow. Just take a seat and I’ll bring you some drinks and a warm meal when you are ready. Prices are as follows:

Ale and Cider: 4 copper pieces

Wine: 2 silver pieces

Meal (Lamb Stew): 1 silver piece

Other requests or fancy orders can be arranged, so just let me know.

As you gaze around the quiet room, you see that there are plenty of places to sit.

The Sheybluff Tavern has new adventurers entering ever second day, return to undertake further conversations and enjoy the food and drink. (I.e. Tavern updated every second day with new interactive conversations)

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